[ banz ]


, (used with a plural verb)


/ bænz /

plural noun

  1. a variant spelling of banns
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Example Sentences

New York blinks in the face of uncertainty and bans hydraulic fracturing.

In Kansas, as in many states, challenges to same-sex marriage bans are wending their way through the courts.

Were state same-sex marriage bans really going to go undefeated?

UNO currently bans students from smoking in their own cars on campus, despite the fact that it has no legal grounds to do so.

Today, there are no travel bans levied against the 8:15am Acela bound for Philly.

In this village you will mumble over the bans without one of your congregation ever taking heed of the name.

It is the blood-tie that bans marriage within the totem group, not the common totem.

A hundred thousand bans and maledictions fall upon Mercury and Haas, the architect, who sent for me to look at it!

There, too, were the bans of her brother Maurice published, and there he was married.

Keijo we found a vast city where all the population, with the exception of the nobles or yang-bans, dressed in the eternal white.