[ bahr-buh ]


, Medicine/Medical.
  1. the beard.
  2. a hair of the head.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of barba1

< New Latin, Latin: beard

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Example Sentences

I suspect that since lunch was my treat, Barba took me to his favorite restaurant.

One of them fetched Manuel, nicknamed Barba (Spanish for beard), who was, of course, clean shaven.

Barba offered me a line of cocaine as we sat on his bunk bed covered by posters of musicians and half-naked women.

“We are going to fight like hell to win—with or without the national Democrats,” Barba says.

His brother Lawrence having fallen ill of consumption, Washington went with him to Barba-dos, where he had an attack of smallpox.

The first who wrote upon the therapy of cinchona was Barba, a Spanish physician, whose work was printed in Seville in 1642.

At Barba del Puerco, the ground being unfit for cavalry, the Thirty-sixth took our place, and pressed them hotly home.

Pedicellus flosculorum sterilium infra flosculos barba annulari cinctus.

Footnote 107: Barba—a title of respect; in the Vaudois dialect literally signifying an uncle.


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