[ bar-uhnts, bahr-; Dutch bah-ruhnts ]


  1. Wil·lem [wil, -, uh, m], died 1597, Dutch navigator and explorer.

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Example Sentences

Within 50 to 80 years after a massive infusion of fresh water that halts the Atlantic circulation, sea surface temperatures drop as much as 15 °C from the Barents to the Labrador Seas, and 2 to 10 °C across much of the rest of the North Atlantic.

All were led by William Barents, he of the famous strait, who sought to find a shorter trade route from Europe to China.

William Barents is honourably known as the leader of three of these arctic expeditions, in the last of which he perished.

The Arctic voyages of Barents were quickly followed by the establishment of Dutch exploration, 16th-17th centuries.

It was not till 1871 that Barents' old winter quarters on Nova Zembla were discovered.

Barents himself seems to have sat in the boat and watched them with intense anxiety.

This time he steered further east, between those islands and another group named by Barents Nova Zembla.





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