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[ bahr-king ]


  1. a borough of Greater London, England.


/ ˈbɑːkɪŋ /


  1. mad; crazy


  1. (intensifier)

    barking mad

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Example Sentences

For example, the Every One Every Day project in Barking and Dagenham in London aims to make practical participation in neighborhood projects inclusive and available to all residents.

Back at police headquarters, Chief of Police Michael Floore Sr. ran out of the detective bureau, barking into a walkie talkie.

For Holmes, this would mean considering all of the various ways in which a theft could occur without the guard dog barking.

The Bears needed a shot of adrenaline to wake the barking dogs.

Producers are barking into an earpiece to speed things up or slow things down.

He awoke to dogs barking and gunshots, he said, and turned on a kerosene lantern to see what was going on.

When Squinty thought this he stopped and looked carefully around for any signs of a barking dog.

Just a little before daybreak they were all wakened by the bellowing of the oxen and the barking of dogs.

But, though defeated, he showed his spirit by keeping up a frightful barking.

Pincher, who followed close at her heels, gave an ominous growl, and burst off into a fresh paroxysm of barking.

She made so much noise that Lance grabbed at her and tried to put her out of the room, Topsy still barking furiously.


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