[ bahrk-lee ]


  1. Al·ben William [al, -b, uh, n], 1877–1956, vice president of the U.S. 1949–53.

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To start with, Barkley is a finalist in multiple categories for this year’s Digiday Content Marketing Awards, including Best Direct Response Campaign for its work with Dairy Queen.

From Digiday

Barkley also worked with Planet Fitness to make at-home workouts easier in quarantine.

From Digiday

Barkley, an analyst for Turner Sports, apologized for the remarks.

Lawmakers dragged from their apartments were furious that Barkley had called their bluff.

Barkley’s loss is also huge, though obviously not as much is expected of the Giants as the Niners.

Charles Barkley has never been one to shy away from confrontation both on and off the basketball court.

I wonder what Barkley, who disputes the notion that ADHD is over-diagnosed, would have to say about it.

Charles Barkley, the Maryland state lawmaker who championed the bill in the state House.

Most recently, Charles Barkley appeared in a cartoon brawl with Godzilla.

Despite saying in 2008 that he would mount a serious gubernatorial bid in 2014, Barkley changed his mind two years later.

Such is the picture of many a salt sea creek found in the regions round fair Barkley Sound.

Mrs. Barkley with others after inspection concluded it was not a bona fide petition.

The family and the British Columbia map-makers are particular about this name being spelled Barkley.

Fred Barkley dropped in five shillings, and Alice Hardy the same sum.

He said that twice Barkley had got into a rage with him about things which didn't seem of any importance.