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barn door


  1. the door of a barn
  2. informal.
    a target so large that it cannot be missed
  3. photog television theatre an adjustable flap over the front of a studio or theatre lamp

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Example Sentences

Facebook has—to fracture an old phrase—just closed the barn door after a billion cows already departed the premises.

The piece begins with a wooden barn door pierced with two inconspicuous peepholes.

Birds were chirping in the orchard trees, and there was the scarcely less pleasant sound of barn-door fowls near at hand.

"Take off that old barn-door hat, Landy, so we can see what ye got," called someone from the walk.

Friedrich cautiously rises; dresses; takes his money, his new red roquelaure, unbolts the Barn-door, and walks out.

After a while, at the barn door there was a familiar flash of white and yellow.

Dorothy then went in, leaving the boys at the great barn door.


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