[ bahrn-stuh-buhl ]


  1. a city in SE Massachusetts.

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Example Sentences

The Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, MA, has a terrapin program, so the two-headed reptile was brought in on September 22, shortly after hatching at a protected terrapin nesting site in Barnstable.

It is not clear how many of the positive individuals in Barnstable are breakthrough cases—meaning they are exhibiting symptoms despite getting shots.

Barnstable precluded any reply, by bowing to his captive, and turning away to superintend the management of his vessels.

"I would that I could see the face of my prisoner," said Barnstable, in an undertone, that was audible only to his companion.

Barnstable was in the act of following his companion into the boat, when he felt himself detained by a slight hold of his arm.

If my cousin Plowden were here, Mr. Barnstable, I know that her opinion of yon gentleman would not be at all more favorable.

Yield your sword, Mr. Barnstable, and spare yourself the disgrace of having it forced from you by a common soldier.