Barren Lands

pl n
  1. the Barren Lands a region of tundra in N Canada, extending westwards from Hudson Bay: sparsely inhabited, chiefly by Inuit: Also known as: the Barren Grounds

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How to use Barren Lands in a sentence

  • They left behind them empty towns and Barren Lands; only a few charred stumps remained to show where the forests once stood.

    Our National Forests | Richard H. Douai Boerker
  • Irrigation bids fair to be of vast benefit to the country as, little by little, Barren Lands are rendered fertile.

  • It suited English policy that even, the Barren Lands of Snowdon should be divided.

  • The very moss of the Barren Lands may yet prove to be of value, and be shipped to England as a fertilizer.

  • Here, the wayfarer finds himself lost in a long reach of comparatively Barren Lands.

    Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia | William Gilmore Simms