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According to Wyler’s report, Abraham had worked with Barrett on multiple features at Elle and one at New York magazine.

At her confirmation, Barrett said that as an appeals court judge, she had recused from some cases in which Shell was a party.

Unsigned to a label, Barrett worked with her management company to release the song on streaming platforms in early 2019.

This is precisely the message Senate Democrats used to make the four-day Barrett hearings into a advertisement against Senate Republicans.

Soon enough it will be clear whether that’s a role Barrett intends to fill.

All of this makes little sense unless you're familiar with what Barrett Brown did.

On December 16th, the journalist Barrett Brown will be sentenced before a judge in Dallas, Texas.

Barrett had chanced to place a paternal hand on her head as he passed the microphone to the student next to her.

The funeral was set for Wednesday, exactly a week after that moment when Barrett last saw her.

“Excited, willing, open to learning,” Barrett later said of Laylah.

But then Barrett says I was born middle-aged like Maitland himself, the hero of this romance, if so it can be called.

I think I have seen the person you mean, said Barrett, in a perfectly level voice.

Dont say a word about them, hissed Barrett, her fervent admirer, as Maitland came up to us.

I was dreadfully disappointed, for I had always thought Barrett as clever as he could stick.

Parker was uneasy, even when Barrett had explained to him that it was impossible for us to get into trouble in the matter.