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  1. Jus·to Ru·fi·no [hoo-staw roo-fee-naw] /ˈhu stɔ ruˈfi nɔ/, 1835–85, Guatemalan statesman: president of Guatemala 1873–85.
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[bahr-ee-oh, bar-; Spanish bahr-ryaw]
noun, plural bar·ri·os [bahr-ee-ohz, bar-; Spanish bahr-ryaws] /ˈbɑr iˌoʊz, ˈbær-; Spanish ˈbɑr ryɔs/.
  1. (in Spain and countries colonized by Spain) one of the divisions into which a town or city, together with the contiguous rural territory, is divided.
  2. a part of a large U.S. city, especially a crowded inner-city area, inhabited chiefly by a Spanish-speaking population.
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Origin of barrio

1890–95; < Spanish < Arabic barrī of open country (barr outside, open country + adj. suffix)
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sector, region, part, place, point, downtown, slum, ghetto, province, division, direction, position, zone, district, locality, bearing, section, spot, domain, zoo

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noun plural -rios
  1. a Spanish-speaking quarter in a town or city, esp in the US
  2. a Spanish-speaking community
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Word Origin for barrio

from Spanish, from Arabic barrī of open country, from barr open country
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Word Origin and History for barrios



1841, "ward of a Spanish or Spanish-speaking city," sometimes also used of rural settlements, from Spanish barrio "district, suburb," from Arabic barriya "open country" (fem.), from barr "outside" (of the city). Main modern sense of "Spanish-speaking district in a U.S. city" is 1939; original reference is to Spanish Harlem in New York City.

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