[ bahr-toh ]


  1. a city in central Florida.

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Example Sentences

To get here, you’ll drive a few miles down a well-maintained Forest Service road, outside the town of Bartow.

Projects have included sponsoring literacy programs at schools in Haiti and mentoring elementary school students in Bartow.

It would be easy to mistake the International Baccalaureate School at Bartow High School for a typical suburban high school.

And the success of the IB program at Bartow High has added rigor to early childhood education across Polk County.

An IB school based on the program at Bartow High recently opened in nearby high school in Haines City, Florida.

Gaining admission to the IB School at Bartow High is no small feat, and preparation starts even before middle school.

Bartow was in the middle of the study, with his eyes fixed on his master's empty chair in an inquiring way that spoke volumes.

Mr. Gryce, I would give anything for an hour spent with you in Mr. Adams's study, with Bartow free to move about at his will.

If Bartow is, as we think, innocent of all connection with this crime save as witness, why does he show such joy at its result?

The description of the stroke dealt by Mr. Adams's wife did not account for this peculiar feature in Bartow's pantomime.

At a critical moment in the early phase of the battle, Bee and Bartow had given Evans valiant support.





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