[ buh-rahy-tuh ]

  1. Also called calcined baryta, barium oxide, barium monoxide, barium protoxide. a white or yellowish-white poisonous solid, BaO, highly reactive with water: used chiefly as a dehydrating agent and in the manufacture of glass.

  2. Also called caustic baryta, barium hydroxide, barium hydrate. the hydroxide, hydrated form of this compound, Ba(OH)2⋅8H2O, used chiefly in the industrial preparation of beet sugar and for refining animal and vegetable oils.

Origin of baryta

1800–10; <New Latin, equivalent to bary- (<Greek barýs heavy) + -ta (<Greek -(i)tēs-ite1)

Other words from baryta

  • ba·ryt·ic [buh-rit-ik], /bəˈrɪt ɪk/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for baryta


/ (bəˈraɪtə) /

  1. another name for barium oxide, barium hydroxide

Origin of baryta

C19: New Latin, from Greek barutēs weight, from barus heavy

Derived forms of baryta

  • barytic (bəˈrɪtɪk), adjective

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