abbreviation for

  1. Bachelor of Agricultural Science.
  2. Bachelor of Applied Science.

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Example Sentences

Bulbous columns, winding staircases, and whimsical bas-reliefs of mythical creatures wrap around the palace.

The biggest net gains in people with BAs and higher are primarily in the sunbelt, led by Phoenix,   Houston, Dallas-Ft.

Opposition supporters will surely turn to applications like Souria Wa Bas to get their news.

The Mesopotamian bas-reliefs echoed in the shadow of Light From the Left by Charles Ray.

Hernan Bas, Klara Lidén, and Wolfgang Tillmans are among the 24 international artists contributing edgy work.

The sarcophagus of Junius Bassus exhibits a bas relief of Job comforted by his friends.

In the accompanying engraving, from a mutilated bas-relief in the Lateran Museum, this scene is exhibited.

The pedestal of this clock represented in bas-relief the birth of astronomy on the Egyptian plains.

The principal bas-relief is a huge square panel, graven on the face of a rock bastion which immediately overhangs the stream.

Here a sort of panel, cut square, and covered with round embossments in various positions, simulated a vague bas-relief.