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  1. having a specified object or material as its base or foundation or as its primary constituent (often used in combination):Our house was one of the three stone-based houses of that era, built by my maternal grandfather.

  2. established, grounded, or focused on a specified principle or belief, fact, method, etc. (often used in combination):It’s a culturally based phys ed curriculum that uses Indian traditions and values to teach healthy lifestyle habits.There are a number of promising evidence-based treatment modalities to address depression.

  1. having a specified place as its primary location or headquarters; stationed or situated (often used in combination):A centrally based Houston media agency is looking for a Digital Account Manager to help with a key communications client.The Chicago-based HIV/AIDS organization provides housing, healthcare, and substance abuse programs for its clients.

  2. having a specified origin or source (often used in combination):They want to replace animal-based foods with plant-based milks and vegetable protein.

  3. Slang. true to one’s self or secure in one’s beliefs regardless of what others think, especially when those beliefs fall outside of the mainstream:Her presentation was so based—did you see the teacher's expression? Priceless!

  1. (used to express approval or respect, especially in response to a social media post): Based. At least somebody shows some spine on this forum.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of base1.

Origin of based

First recorded in 1610–20; base1 + -ed2

Other words from based

  • un·based, adjective
  • well-based, adjective

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