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[ beys-nis ]


  1. the state or quality of being dishonorable, cowardly, selfish, or mean-spirited; morally despicable character:

    He says that this sort of advertising reflects “the baseness and moral depravity of the present culture.”

  2. lack of value; relative worthlessness:

    Despite the rust spots and the baseness of the metal, these antique iron door knockers are still beautiful.

  3. the quality of being menial or undignified:

    He helped with the farm chores, without balking at the baseness of any task that was asked of him.

  4. illegitimacy of birth:

    The usurper’s enemies decried the baseness of his birth—he was the late king’s bastard son.

  5. the quality or condition of being unrefined, unsophisticated, or of low social status:

    The baseness of their position could not detract from the nobility of their character.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of baseness1

First recorded in 1530–40; base 2( def ) + -ness ( def )

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Example Sentences

Both vaccines are based on messenger RNA, or mRNA, which carries instructions for building copies of the coronavirus’ spike protein.

The “clear consensus in the medical and scientific community, based on overwhelming evidence,” is that it does not work, he said.

Mobileye’s camera-based sensors are used by most automakers to support advanced driver assistance systems.

But, this time, the Republican base is even crazier than before.

Rothman and Schar joined him this spring, with all three turning to Baltimore-based investor John Moag to handle the sale.

He carried the note to Planner—he thrust it into his face, and called him to account for his baseness and ingratitude.

No one has professed greater disgust for baseness of mind or unseemliness of subject.

Roman vileness and baseness disgusted Augustine even more than Punic insubordination.

They will commit any baseness for money, except betraying their masters.

God save me from the meanness of envy, the baseness of jealousy.





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