[ bas-kin ]


  1. Leonard, 1922–2000, U.S. sculptor and artist.

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Example Sentences

Big Cat Rescue and Baskin entered the national zeitgeist in late March, when the Netflix docuseries “Tiger King” grew widespread attention as Americans were first settling into a new reality of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an effort to stop people like Maldonado-Passage from breeding and selling the animals, Baskin got involved with the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

In a meeting on Thursday with volunteers, which was recorded and posted on the sanctuary’s website, Baskin expressed her gratitude to the colleagues who rushed to help Couser.

The next day, Agent Gomez called Arambula to meet him at their usual place, a Baskin Robbins in El Paso.

Internationally, same-store sales were up 2.6 percent at Baskin-Robbins, but fell 1.7 percent at Dunkin' Donuts shops.

As for Baskin-Robbins ice cream—the other business of Dunkin' Brands—it had an increase of 1.6 percent in same-store sales.

“We could bring a hundred of these motions tomorrow, if we had a hundred attorneys to work on them,” said Baskin.

“Expungement does not effect your criminal record for purposes of immigration,” said Baskin.

It was the only canoe in the neighborhood,—an old one left by Baskin when he fled.

The ferry became profitable, and Baskin realized a fortune out of it.

They had hung and burnt people—killed 'em and destroyed 'em at Baskin Lake.

I'm stoppin' heer at Saratogy, baskin', as it were, in the melliflous sunshine of earth's fairest flowers.





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