basso cantante

[ bas-oh kuh n-tahn-tee, -tey, bah-soh; Italian bahs-saw kahn-tahn-te ]
/ ˈbæs oʊ kənˈtɑn ti, -teɪ, ˈbɑ soʊ; Italian ˈbɑs sɔ kɑnˈtɑn tɛ /

noun, plural bas·si can·tan·ti [bas-ee kuh n-tahn-tee, bah-see; Italian bahs-see kahn-tahn-tee] /ˈbæs i kənˈtɑn ti, ˈbɑ si; Italian ˈbɑs si kɑnˈtɑn ti/. Music.

a bass voice with an upper range that is more developed than that of the basso profundo.

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Origin of basso cantante

1875–80; < Italian: literally, singing bass Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for basso cantante

  • I am well aware that by many musicians the basso-cantante is identified with the barytone.

    Advice to Singers|Frederick James Crowest
  • The basso-cantante is a low barytone, or high bass with a lighter quality of tone than the basso-profondo.

    Advice to Singers|Frederick James Crowest