[ bahs-tee-ahn ]


  1. A·dolf [ah, -dawlf], 1826–1905, German anthropologist.

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Tears in his eyes, Bastian described how difficult it had been to steer Delta through the pandemic without being able to rely on his mother’s wisdom.

From Time

From Bastian’s perspective, who spoke at the virtual Fortune Global Forum on Tuesday, such a feat is a reflection of the consumer trust the airline has cultivated throughout the pandemic.

From Fortune

“It’s going to take some time before customers are confident sitting next to people on a crowded flight, and at Delta we want to give them a little bit more time—certainly into the new year—to evaluate that for themselves,” Bastian said.

From Fortune

Delta’s Bastian said that with 50% of domestic flights operational and running at around 30% of normal domestic passenger volume, the airline is seeing record-high customer service satisfaction scores.

From Fortune

Bastian ruled from the bench Thursday afternoon after a two-and-a-half hour hearing.

Von Bastian: Both England and America are under the influence of the Jews.

And menswear designer Michael Bastian created a world of gentlemen farmers and urbane dandies.

Menswear designer of the year was Michael Bastian for his modern take on Ivy League style.

Plus, if nothing else, Bastian Schweinsteiger is generally considered to be top of the WAG standings.

About that time his missionary companion was released to return home, and Elder Bastian was left in charge of the Randers branch.

Bastian hit for a single, and by clever running Wagner managed to reach third.

So they talked, as all partisan crowds do, while Bastian toed the mark.

But Bastian was no better than the others who had preceded him.

This probability will be increased if the observations of Dr. Bastian are confirmed by future investigation.