[ beyts ]


  1. Katherine Lee, 1859–1929, U.S. educator and author.


/ beɪts /


  1. BatesSir Alan (Arthur)19342003MBritishTHEATRE: actor Sir Alan ( Arthur ). 1934–2003, British film and stage actor. His films include A Kind of Loving (1962), Women in Love (1969), The Go-Between (1971), and The Cherry Orchard (1999)
  2. BatesH(erbert) E(rnest).19051974MEnglishWRITING: short-story writerWRITING: novelist H ( erbert ) E ( rnest ). 1905–74, English writer of short stories and novels, which include The Darling Buds of May (1958), A Moment in Time (1964), and The Triple Echo (1970)

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Example Sentences

Several people have opened committees to run for Bates’ Senate seat, including Republican Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, and Democrats like Carlsbad Councilwoman Priya Bhat-Patel and San Diego Deputy City Attorney Mark Ankcorn.

Instead of fast-tracking seawalls, Bates should focus on smart adaptation solutions.

Bates will likely reintroduce that bill in some form during the 2021 legislative session, her spokesman Ronald Ongtoaboc said Wednesday.

A judge has denied multiple attempts to request a new trial, but Bates said his client is challenging those denials in court.

Bates, who said she had never received a ticket before, paid a $162 fine.

Kathy Bates was really good on American Horror Story: Coven.

Mr. Bates then tells Anna that he knows, and she breaks down in his arms.

For a fleeting moment, it appears, Anna and Mr. Bates are happy.

This is the final scene you see between Anna and Bates in the whole season.

Directly after her emotional scene with Mrs. Hughes, Anna encounters Mr. Bates in the hallway.

I should say, replied Master Bates, with a grin, that he was uncommon sweet upon Betsy.

This brief direction to Charley Bates and his recent antagonist to retire, was softly and immediately obeyed.

The measure of oil also, a bate of oil is the tenth part of a core: and ten bates make a core: for ten bates fill a core.

Bewildered, and not entirely willing, Bates consented and the two went back to The Campanile.

Dr. Bates's singularity in not rising up nor drinking the King's nor other healths at the table was very much observed.


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