bâton de commandement

[ French bah-tawn duh kaw-mahn-duh-mahn ]
/ French bɑ tɔ̃ də kɔ mɑ̃ dəˈmɑ̃ /


an Upper Paleolithic instrument possibly used as a shaft straightener, often made from the main beam of an antler and having one or more perforations through which a shaft could pass.

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Origin of bâton de commandement

< French: literally, staff of command; so called because it was originally thought to function as a sign of authority

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British Dictionary definitions for baton de commandement

bâton de commandement

/ French (bɑtɔ̃ də kɔmɑ̃dmɑ̃) /


an antler object found in Upper Palaeolithic sites from the Aurignacian period onwards, consisting of a rod, often ornately decorated, with a hole through the thicker end

Word Origin for bâton de commandement

literally: baton of command, although the object was probably actually used in making shafts for arrows and spears

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