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  1. an account with or terminal bill from a college of Oxford University for board, kitchen, and buttery expenses.
  2. battels, expenses, bills, and accounts of a student at Oxford, including those for clothing, books, and personal expenses as well as for tuition, lodging, and food.
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verb (used without object), bat·teled, bat·tel·ing.
  1. to have an account with or to be supplied with food and drink from a college kitchen or buttery at Oxford University.
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Origin of battel

1700–10; compare New Latin batellae (1636), batillī (1557), probably to be identified with late Middle English batell (in AL), taken to mean “charge for provisions”; of obscure origin; kinship with Scots, N England dialect ba(i)ttle rich, fattening (of pasture) is dubious
Related formsbat·tel·er, noun
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Historical Examples of battel

  • It is that he may have speech with you, alone, in the castle of Battel this night.

    The Outlaw of Torn

    Edgar Rice Burroughs

  • One of the most remarkable wagers of battel occurred in 1817.

    Legal Lore


  • When this battel was ended, the king wanted of all his numbers but thrée hundred, which were slaine at that conflict.

  • Legal arguments followed, and the trial by battel was eventually postponed indefinitely.

    Legal Lore


  • All else are extras, and are included in “sizings” in Cambridge; in Oxford the term is “to battel.”