Battle Creek


  1. a city in S Michigan.

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Example Sentences

Around the time Liebig launched his extract company, John Harvey Kellogg, a staunch vegetarian, set out to redefine traditional American meals at his health sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The show centers on two detectives with contrasting world views who must clean up the streets of Battle Creek, Mich.

It was about a husband and wife team stalking Tony the Tiger in Battle Creek, Michigan.

He was present at our Stamford meeting and at those in Battle Creek.

There were the same fields of wheat and corn, and at Battle Creek evidently as much business in the flour mills as at Marshall.

They had evidently come out to see whether we had quitted our late position by Battle Creek.

Kept along the bank of Battle Creek under the sunlit brink of the mountain.

This forage plant was causing some excitement among the farmers in the neighborhood of Battle Creek.


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