[ baw-buhl ]
/ ˈbɔ bəl /


a showy, usually cheap, ornament; trinket; gewgaw.
a jester's scepter.

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Origin of bauble

First recorded in 1275–1325; Middle English babel, babulle, from Old French babel, baubel, derivatives of an expressive base with varying vocalisms; compare Old French baubelet “little trinket”; see bibelot

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British Dictionary definitions for bauble


/ (ˈbɔːbəl) /


a showy toy or trinket of little value; trifle
a small, usually spherical ornament made of coloured or decorated material which is hung from the branches of a Christmas treeUsual US name: Christmas ornament
(formerly) a mock staff of office carried by a court jester

Word Origin for bauble

C14: from Old French baubel plaything, of obscure origin

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Word Origin and History for bauble



"showy trinket or ornament," early 14c., from Old French baubel "child's toy, trinket," probably a reduplication of bel, from Latin bellus "pretty" (see bene-). Or else related to babe, baby.

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