/ bɔːk; bɔːlk /


  1. Also (US)balk billiards
    1. the space, usually 29 inches deep, between the baulk line and the bottom cushion
    2. (in baulk-line games) one of the spaces between the cushions and the baulk lines
    3. inside one of these spaces
  2. archaeol a strip of earth left between excavation trenches for the study of the complete stratigraphy of a site
  3. croquet either of two lines ( A baulk and B baulk ) at diagonally opposite ends of the court, from which the ball is struck into play


  1. a variant spelling of balk

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Example Sentences

She hit it hard on the side, and both balls came into baulk.

I have a strong propensity in me to begin this chapter very nonsensically, and I will not baulk my fancy.

It might be a wish to baulk this new passion through my interference, while he exposed me to the risk of his Majesty's anger.

But if you will give up that title and dignity”—here he smiled and tore out the page, but carefully—“I will not baulk thee, child.

I saw his horse suddenly baulk, stumble over the bank, and roll headlong into the water!





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