/ (ˈbiːmə) /

  1. cricket a full-pitched ball bowled at the batsman's head

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How to use beamer in a sentence

  • Faults in quality or mistakes made in the spinning-room are often credited to the winder, beamer or reeler.

    Women in Modern Industry | B. L. Hutchins
  • Richard beamer deceased in the year 1127, and his successors in process of time performed the work begun.

  • Nelson toned down the volume of his beamer and fired at a fence post.

    The Happy Man | Gerald Wilburn Page
  • Before each beamer, as the workman is called, is an inclined semi-cylindrical slab of wood covered with zinc.

  • Dimly he saw himself, faceless, a beamer gripped tight on one hand, a corpse at his feet.

    The Status Civilization | Robert Sheckley