bear up

  1. (intr, adverb) to endure cheerfully

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How to use bear up in a sentence

  • Will our societies bear up under the lightning that is crashing down on them?

    Naming Europe’s New Anti-Semitism | Bernard-Henri Lévy | June 10, 2014 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • The utmost circumspection became necessary, and the young preacher had to bear up against much strife and opposition.

    Skipper Worse | Alexander Lange Kielland
  • But when these flattering hopes vanished, did he, and did my mother bear up against so unexpected a calamity?

  • A courage of a quite exceptional temper must have been required to bear up under such a blow without any spur of personal vanity.

    The Nabob | Alphonse Daudet
  • She could bear up against her suspense and agitation no longer; she rose, threw on her robe de nuit, and descended the stairs.

    Newton Forster | Captain Frederick Marryat
  • We will give him two more broadsides with grape through his stern windows, and then bear up after that lumbering merchantman.

    A Roving Commission | G. A. Henty

Other Idioms and Phrases with bear up

bear up

Endure, face a hardship, as in Jane found it hard to bear up under the strain of her father's illness. This term is also used as an imperative, as in Bear up—the trip's almost over. [c. 1600]

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