beat out

  1. Knock into shape by beating, as in She managed to beat out all the dents in the fender . [c. 1600]

  2. Surpass or defeat someone; be chosen over someone. For example, He got to the head of the line, beating out all the others . [ Colloquial ; second half of 1700s] Also see beat the pants off .

  3. beat out of . Cheat someone of something, as in He was always trying to beat the conductor out of the full train fare . [ Slang ; second half of 1800s]

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Example Sentences

Thompson beat out Charles Hynes for Brooklyn DA, ending a reign that last more than 23 years.

There are rumors you beat out some heavy competition in Jessica Biel and Kristen Stewart.

The Argentine pontiff, who will turn 77 on December 17, beat out an impressive field of competitors.

But Bettie, with a 97.19 average, was beat out by .14 points, and had to settle for Salutatorian status.

John Kerry beat out Susan Rice for the secretary of state job they both wanted.

Lets combine a flying machine with an iceboat and beat out everybody on the lake this winter!

With a bucket of water and a broomstick he beat out the fire, and went for a run to warm up.

He leaped to her, and held her tight with her arm against his breast, and beat out the fire with his hands.

There was a soft westerly breeze at the time, which gave a short beat out to the Needles.

But Peter didn't like him because his cap almost always fell off whenever he beat out a slow roller.