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[ bee-at-uh-fi-key-shuhn ]


  1. the act of beatifying.
  2. the state of being beatified.
  3. Roman Catholic Church. the official act of the pope whereby a deceased person is declared to be enjoying the happiness of heaven, and therefore a proper subject of religious honor and public cult in certain places.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of beatification1

1495–1505; < Late Latin beātificātiōn- (stem of beātificātiō ), equivalent to beātificāt ( us ) (past participle of beātificāre to beatify ) + -iōn- -ion; -ate 1

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Example Sentences

Soon after receiving a “not guilty” verdict last Friday, Rittenhouse attempted to take part in his own beatification.

From Vox

After the initial leaks, I offered a cautious piece, urging against the instant beatification of the former NSA contractor.

More than a million followers came to Rome for the beatification, and many more are expected when he escalates to sainthood.

The speech itself—aimed directly at women and blatant in its beatification of moms—was solid.

To that period belonged the provocation for my play The Beatification of Area Boy.

The pope also wants to skirt another recent source of conflict with Israel—the planned beatification of Pope Pius XII.

I am still ignorant and indeed indifferent about the precise moment of my parliamentary beatification.

Thus, even during her lifetime, she enjoyed certain of the privileges of beatification.

He is now like Bellarmine ranked among the venerable, and the process of his beatification is proceeding.

But if the beatification of the world is not a work of nature but a work of art, then it involves an artist.

Even the ardent supporters of the cause of beatification are forced to admit that there is no record of such a marriage.


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