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[ bee-ting-uhp ]


  1. a severe thrashing administered for intimidation or revenge.
  2. Textiles. the process by which the loose pick is made an integral part of the woven material.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of beating-up1

First recorded in 1945–50

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Example Sentences

I always talk about that great scene in Diner, Barry Levinson film, where one of the characters starts beating up somebody.

All of a sudden, a couple students ran in yelling my name and saying that there were people outside beating up a student.

When you start beating up women, now you have really gone crazy.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is getting glowing press for beating up on predatory banks.

Beating up Palin might have been fun for you for a while, but I gotta tell you.

Then night came, and just after the darkness shut down the patrol craft returned, beating up along the winding river bed.

His eyes were bent sadly upon the vessel as it came in, beating up proudly to windward.

He leaped out of the boat, ran into the galley, and gave the cook an invigorating beating up with the flat of his hands.

The dogs I had to fear were bred in British kennels, and there was never any lack of clamor when they were beating up a cover.

The Sulphur bomb, whose bad sailing prevented her from beating up, joined shortly after, and also anchored.





beatingbeat into one's head