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  1. A·le·xandre de [a-lek-sahndruh duh] /æ lɛk sɑndrə də/, 1760–94, French general and statesman.
  2. Eu·gé·nie Hortense de [œ-zhey-nee awr-tahns duh] /œ ʒeɪˈni ɔrˈtɑ̃s də/, 1782–1837, queen of Holland: wife of Louis Bonaparte.
  3. Jo·sé·phine de [zhaw-zey-feen duh] /ʒɔ zeɪˈfin də/, 1763–1814, empress of France 1804–09: first wife of Napoleon I.
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Historical Examples

  • Beauharnais had but little hope that he should escape the guillotine.

    Hortense, Makers of History Series

    John S. C. Abbott

  • These were troops of Beauharnais' corps which had started before any of the others.

    War and Peace

    Leo Tolstoy

  • Yet Josephine had children by Beauharnais, her previous husband.

  • By this time the Bonapartes and the Beauharnais hated Talleyrand.


    Joseph McCabe

  • Do they also say 'your Majesty' to the widow of Beauharnais?

    An Historical Mystery

    Honore de Balzac

British Dictionary definitions for beauharnais


  1. Alexandre (alɛksã̃dr), Vicomte de. 1760–94, French general, who served in the War of American Independence and the French Revolutionary wars; first husband of Empress Joséphine: guillotined
  2. his son, Eugène de (øʒɛn də). 1781–1824, viceroy of Italy (1805–14) for his stepfather Napoleon I
  3. (Eugénie) (øʒeni) Hortense de (ɔrtɑ̃s də). 1783–1837, queen of Holland (1806–10) as wife of Louis Bonaparte; daughter of Alexandre Beauharnais and sister of Eugène: mother of Napoleon III
  4. Joséphine de (ʒozefin də), previous name of the Empress JosephineSee Josephine
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