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/ ˈbjuːtɪflɪ /


  1. in a beautiful manner
  2. informal.

    you did beautifully well in the race

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Example Sentences

Life is a series of seemingly throwaway moments strung together in a peculiar tapestry, and Linklater has captured it beautifully.

Comments like that are designed to stoke the fires of fan-passion—and it works beautifully.

Its beautifully aged wooden exterior houses traditional floor seating and beautiful gardens typical of the area.

The twins themselves, played beautifully by Erin Davie and Emily Padgett, are our inner voice and outer voice, says Condon.

That means Japanese whiskies are beautifully balanced and elegant; they touch and develop on every sensor on the palate.

I assure you, no matter how beautifully we play any piece, the minute Liszt plays it, you would scarcely recognize it!

He plays beautifully, and was trained in the famous Brussels conservatory, of which Dupont is the head.

He even tries to help her hoe those terrible rows of corn that has come up so beautifully and is growing so well.

If the ground is well burned it will be a little crusty and whitish, and will pulverize beautifully.

Beautifully white and fine quartzose sand, from the sea-beach.





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