[ bih-kuhm ]
/ b瑟藞k蕦m /
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verb (used without object), be路came [bih-keym], /b瑟藞ke瑟m/, be路come, be路com路ing [bih-kuhm-ing]. /b瑟藞k蕦m 瑟艐/.
to come, change, or grow to be (as specified): He became tired.
to come into being.
verb (used with object), be路came [bih-keym], /b瑟藞ke瑟m/, be路come, be路com路ing [bih-kuhm-ing]. /b瑟藞k蕦m 瑟艐/.
to be attractive on; befit in appearance; look well on: That gown becomes you.
to be suitable or necessary to the dignity, situation, or responsibility of: conduct that becomes an officer.
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Idioms about become

    become of, to happen to; be the fate of: What will become of him?

Origin of become

First recorded before 900; Middle English becumen, Old English becuman 鈥渢o come about, happen鈥; cognate with Dutch bekomen, German bekommen, Gothic biqiman. See be-, come
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British Dictionary definitions for become

/ (b瑟藞k蕦m) /

verb -comes, -coming, -came or -come (mainly intr)
(copula) to come to be; develop or grow intohe became a monster
(foll by of; usually used in a question) to fall to or be the lot (of); happen (to)what became of him?
(tr) (of clothes, etc) to enhance the appearance of (someone); suitthat dress becomes you
(tr) to be appropriate; befitit ill becomes you to complain

Word Origin for become

Old English becuman to happen; related to Old High German biqueman to come to, Gothic biquiman to appear suddenly
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