[ bih-dahy-zuhn, -diz-uhn ]
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verb (used with object)
  1. to dress or adorn in a showy, gaudy, or tasteless manner: Several bedizened floozies were lounging at the bar.To my dismay, the new PR team bedizened our website with animated images and text.

Origin of bedizen

First recorded in 1655–65; be- + dizen

Other words from bedizen

  • be·di·zen·ment, noun
  • un·be·di·zened, adjective

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How to use bedizen in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for bedizen


/ (bɪˈdaɪzən, -ˈdɪzən) /

  1. (tr) archaic to dress or decorate gaudily or tastelessly

Origin of bedizen

C17: from be- + obsolete dizen to dress up, of uncertain origin

Derived forms of bedizen

  • bedizenment, noun

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