bedtime story


  1. a story told to a child at bedtime.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bedtime story1

First recorded in 1885–90

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Example Sentences

Some of the finest moments come from the bedtime story creations between Theo and Robin, where they imagine themselves as explorers of other worlds.

The HoomBand avoids that problem by placing small, thin speakers in a comfortable and breathable headband that streams guided meditation, bedtime stories, and ambient tones from the HoomBand app.

It’s one of the best tomes of all time, and it’s a great bedtime story.

The R&B track from EXO vocalist Baekhyun’s latest project—released before his recent military enlistment—explores themes that are slightly more mature than your average bedtime stories.

From Time

In addition to illuminating a bedtime story, it can become a bracelet, backpack charm, zipper pull, and whatever else my child dreams up, thanks to a tiny S-biner and flexible, grippy legs that can be bent into different positions.

It can take pictures at get-togethers, organize your appointments, and even read your child a bedtime story.

A story narrated by a child and acted out by adults, it feels as fun and comfortingly familiar as our favorite bedtime story.

RS: I think it probably depends on what a person thinks of as a bedtime story.

I changed him into his pajamas and I read him a bedtime story.

And, when Brian has trouble sleeping, he requests that Larry read him a bedtime story.

David and Goliath became set as a bedtime story and lasted through the next six months almost without change.

In addition to the bedtime story, Peter found it necessary to feign great weariness in order to suggest a similar feeling in Pat.

Then always a few pages of the diary kept by the late Herr Wilner were read as a bedtime story.

Jessie and Henrietta were upstairs in Jessies room listening to the bedtime story.

They almost drowned out the first of the bedtime story with their excited voices.





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