[ beer-shee-buh, beer-shuh-; Sephardic Hebrew ber-she-vah ]
/ bɪərˈʃi bə, ˈbɪər ʃə-; Sephardic Hebrew bɛrˈʃɛ vɑ /


a city in Israel, near the N limit of the Negev desert: the southernmost city of ancient Palestine.

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    from Dan to Beersheba. Dan1(def 5).

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[ neg-ev ]
/ ˈnɛg ɛv /


a partially reclaimed desert region and district in S Israel, bordering on the Sinai Peninsula. 4700 sq. mi. (12,173 sq. km). Capital: Beersheba.
Also Neg·eb [neg-eb] /ˈnɛg ɛb/. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (bɪəˈʃiːbə) /


a town in S Israel: commercial centre of the Negev. In biblical times it marked the southern limit of Palestine. Pop: 183 000 (2003 est)

British Dictionary definitions for beersheba (2 of 2)


Negeb (ˈnɛɡɛb)

/ (ˈnɛɡɛv) /


the S part of Israel, on the Gulf of Aqaba: a triangular-shaped semidesert region, with large areas under irrigation; scene of fighting between Israeli and Egyptian forces in 1948. Chief town: Beersheba. Area: 12 820 sq km (4950 sq miles)
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