/ (ˈbiːzə) slang /

  1. British old-fashioned a person or chap

  2. British old-fashioned the nose

  1. Scot an extreme example of its kind

  1. British old-fashioned excellent; most attractive

Origin of beezer

C20: of uncertain origin

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How to use beezer in a sentence

  • It was amusing to see him thrusting his eager little beezer between the vast, soft, plushy flanks of two patrolmen.

    Pipefuls | Christopher Morley
  • As she clung (as it were) to the ropes, Louie let her have it (so to speak) on the beezer.

    The Story of Louie | Oliver Onions
  • He didn't sky the wiper when his beezer was bleeding, anyway!

    The Story of Louie | Oliver Onions
  • He recked nothing of his bunged optic and the claret that flowed from his beezer.

    The Story of Louie | Oliver Onions
  • "I got th' twisted beezer in th' same mixup," added the signor, as he scratched his nose reflectively.

    Good References | E. J. Rath