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[ bih-gahy-ling ]


  1. having the power to charm or divert the attention; intriguing:

    a beguiling smile.

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Other Words From

  • be·guil·ing·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of beguiling1

First recorded in 1575–1600; beguil(e) ( def ) + -ing 2( def )

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Example Sentences

Yet the good reporter must go deep beneath the beguiling artistry and trove of trophies, including a record 20 major titles — tying him for the time being with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, the other members of the sport’s so-called Big Three.

This series of examples, in Seth’s telling, “chips away at the beguiling but unhelpful intuition that consciousness is one thing—one big scary mystery in search of one big scary solution.”

The effect of peace and mystery — and of peace within the mystery of a reality permanently mediated by technology — is beguiling.

Smart is nothing short of beguiling as Deborah Vance, a workaholic Vegas comic and onetime stand-up pioneer whose material could now use an upgrade.

Deborah is, in alternating turns, as tough and casually callous as Floyd Gerhardt, as beguiling as Laurie Blake, and — in the last few minutes of the season — as gruffly tender as Helen Fahey and as charming as Charlene Frazier.

The most beguiling figure in this whole drama is Rebekah Brooks—it could be said that she is the only beguiling figure.

Her 2013 release Lua Ya offers a beguiling type of Korean ambient vocal music, unlike anything else I heard during the year.

Hawes later denied that drugs helped him play jazz—a beguiling myth that killed many of his contemporaries.

His lean arrangement of this covered-by-everyone classic leaves plenty of room for her beguiling vocals.

These beguiling theories can energize or console political partisans.

All this time Ruth was quietly spending in her room, beguiling the waiting, weary hours, with pictures of the meeting at the end.

Said Hallblithe: “Dost thou not owe me a joy in return for my beguiling?”

I am not far from deeming that this is a land of dreams made for my beguiling.

The whole family is portrayed gathering round the fire in the winter evenings and beguiling the time by telling stories.

She smiled and went on crooning to him, half singing, half sighing that beguiling little melody of tenderness and entreaty.