US behaviorism

/ (bɪˈheɪvjəˌrɪzəm) /
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a school of psychology that regards the objective observation of the behaviour of organisms (usually by means of automatic recording devices) as the only proper subject for study and that often refuses to postulate any intervening mechanisms between the stimulus and the response
the doctrine that the mind has no separate existence but that statements about the mind and mental states can be analysed into statements about actual and potential behaviourCompare materialism (def. 2) See also mind-body problem



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Derived forms of behaviourism

behaviourist or US behaviorist, adjective, nounbehaviouristic or US behavioristic, adjective
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Example sentences from the Web for behaviourism

  • Behaviourism has not, however, sprung from observing the folly of men.

    The Analysis of Mind|Bertrand Russell
  • So far, all the uses of words that we have considered can be accounted for on the lines of behaviourism.

    The Analysis of Mind|Bertrand Russell
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