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[ bih-lee-gerd ]


  1. surrounded by military forces; besieged:

    The beleaguered city of Limerick, having stood to the last, finally capitulated to the forces of William of Orange.

  2. beset, surrounded, or overburdened by troubles:

    Restoring our beleaguered oceans to health will require an emphasis on diversification and conservation, and more sensible fishing practices.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of beleaguer ( def ).

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Example Sentences

The beleaguered electric vehicle startup is now being investigated by the Department of Justice, in addition to an ongoing investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

With the federal government absent, it’s beleaguered state lawmakers versus a billion-dollar incentive to chase THC.

Hazaras have long faced discrimination and persecution in Afghanistan, and a renewed fear grips Farkhondeh’s increasingly victimized and beleaguered community.

From Time

The most the Mets have managed to do is excite their beleaguered fan base at times with flashes of potential … only to immediately dash those hopes in increasingly farcical ways.

The early run support allowed Washington’s beleaguered bullpen a bit of room for error, but the combination of Tanner Rainey, Daniel Hudson and Austin Voth backed Corbin’s start with two scoreless innings.

Lohse and his beleaguered fellow pledges were, he claims, forced to chug vinegar and to dine on the dreaded “vomlet.”

At the time, last March, the then-46-year-old Omidyar was being heralded as a patron saint of the financially beleaguered newsbiz.

Outgunned and beleaguered, he says, Iraqi army units in Anbar are beginning to collapse.

Having finally re-joined the main body of the Ukrainian forces, the beleaguered defenders of Sector D were evacuated.

Taken together, it gives them a huge tactical advantage over the beleaguered Ukrainian armed forces.

Groups of hundreds of non-combatants were hurrying off from the beleaguered insurgent capital.

Thus the sun set on Rome beleaguered, the barbarians outside the City.

In the meantime the risen sun has burned a way through the fog, splendoring a part of the beleaguered city.

At last she was on her way to the relief of the beleaguered city; there was no room for misgiving in her faithful heart.

He defeated the enemy and carried away the beleaguered garrison with all the women and children.


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