[bel-uh m-nahyt]

noun Paleontology.

a conical fossil, several inches long, consisting of the internal calcareous rod of an extinct animal allied to the cuttlefish; a thunderstone.

Origin of belemnite

1640–50; < French bélemnite, equivalent to Greek bélemn(on) a dart (noun derivative from base of bállein to throw) + French -ite -ite1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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  • Cerau′nite, a belemnite; Cerau′noscope, an apparatus for imitating thunder and lightning in ancient mysteries.

  • Here is a piece of Belemnite in limestone, and the fracture in the fossil presents the usual glistening planes of cleavage.

  • The ink-bags of the Belemnite also are sometimes preserved, and we see how it could balk a pursuer by darkening the waters.

  • The wonderful shell-fishes of the Ammonite group, and the cuttle-fishes of the Belemnite type, share the same fate.

  • The very form of the belemnite at once suggests the notion of a dart or lance-head, which has gained for it its scientific name.

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any extinct marine cephalopod mollusc of the order Belemnoidea, related to the cuttlefish
the long pointed conical internal shell of any of these animals: a common Mesozoic fossil

Word Origin for belemnite

C17: from Greek belemnon dart
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Any of various extinct cephalopod mollusks of the order Belemnoidea that lived from the Triassic into the Tertiary Period. Belemnites had a large, cone-shaped internal shell with a complex structure that served as a support for muscles and as a hydrostatic device. Belemnites were closely related to the present-day squids and cuttlefishes.
The fossilized internal shell of one of these cephalopods. Belemnites are used as index fossils.
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