[ bih-lahyd ]


  1. false, contradictory, or misrepresented:

    Her first belied statement was that the witnesses would agree.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of belie ( def ).

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  • un·be·lied adjective

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Example Sentences

To think it isn’t real belies the very process of evolution that led primates to gather together in groups.

Such an explanation only belies the amount of tools and stories on offer to help the player achieve these goals.

Its delightfully simple multiplayer mayhem was a welcome reprieve during our pandemic summer, and the fact that players often need to cooperate to secure individual victory belies a deeper message than its cartoonish stylings might suggest.

From Time

But his words felt forced and were belied his 2004 vote to oppose marking Martin Luther King Jr.

Robbie knew early on that he was different, and that his body belied the male identity he felt inside.

There were, though, other loves that belied the appearance of a desiccated, workaholic spinster.

Furthermore, the simplicity of his clothes belied their technical virtuosity, their status.

With a soft smile and a shrug that belied by his steely eyes, he replied, “Start another.”

Prince Boris stammered something, but the cruel light of triumph in his eyes belied his words.

According to Louise de Chaulieu, he certainly belied his name.

"It is as I would wish," said he, but his livid face and staring eyes belied the valour of his words.

And she never took her eyes off Mr. Meadows, but belied her assumed firmness by quivering like an aspen leaf.

But his eyes, dark and fiery, belied his speech and encouraged her to endeavour to penetrate the guard of his indifferent manner.