a person who rings church bells
a person who plays musical handbells

Derived Formsbell-ringing, noun
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blow, bat, shot, punch, swing, lick, tap, clip, butt, slap, collision, stroke, rap, glance, zap, belt, impact, chop, pat, swipe

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Historical Examples of bell-ringer

  • Alberoni was born in a gardener's cottage, and as a child he was the bell-ringer.

    The Conspirators

    Alexandre Dumas (Pere)

  • Perkins was the Cathedral bell-ringer, and the gaoler of Alice Benden.

    All's Well

    Emily Sarah Holt

  • The bell-ringer had come down, and followed me curiously about among the graves.

    Glimpses of Three Coasts

    Helen Hunt Jackson

  • The bell-ringer could not tell; it was so old nobody knew anything about it.

    Glimpses of Three Coasts

    Helen Hunt Jackson

  • All means of egress from the palace were guarded; the bell-ringer forbidden to stir.