[ buh-lij-er-uhnt ]
/ bəˈlɪdʒ ər ənt /


warlike; given to waging war.
of warlike character; aggressively hostile; bellicose: a belligerent tone.
waging war; engaged in war: a peace treaty between belligerent powers.
pertaining to war or to those engaged in war: belligerent rights.


a state or nation at war.
a member of the military forces of such a state.

Origin of belligerent

1570–80; < Latin belliger waging war (belli-, combining form of bellum war + ger-, base of gerere to conduct) + -ent; replacing belligerant < Latin belligerant- (stem of belligerāns, present participle of belligerāre to wage war; see -ant)

Related forms

bel·lig·er·ent·ly, adverbin·ter·bel·lig·er·ent, adjectiveun·bel·lig·er·ent, adjectiveun·bel·lig·er·ent·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for belligerent


/ (bɪˈlɪdʒərənt) /


marked by readiness to fight or argue; aggressivea belligerent tone
relating to or engaged in a legally recognized war or warfare


a person or country engaged in fighting or war

Word Origin for belligerent

C16: from Latin belliger, from bellum war + gerere to wage
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