[ bel-ing-ham ]


  1. a seaport in NW Washington.
  2. a city in E Massachusetts.

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Example Sentences

As an adult, I moved to Bellingham, Washington, and became totally enthralled with mountain biking.

A lifelong Puget Sound angler, she’s lived in Bellingham, Washington, for the last decade, and her inability to say no has earned her the presidency at North Sound Trout Unlimited.

Empty containers are in short supply up north in places like Bellingham.

What barges lack in speed – a trip between Bellingham and San Diego could take about two weeks – they make up for in size and efficiency.

Moyer is a biologist at Western Washington University in Bellingham.

Later she volunteered at Snow Leopard Trust and the Akre Tiger Sanctuary in Bellingham.

Mr Bellingham danced on gaily and merrily through the night, and flirted with Miss Duncombe, as he thought good.

"I think not," answered Mr Bellingham, as he gave the child to her, before springing off his horse.

She waded back to the beach, to the point towards which Mr Bellingham was directing his horse.

It seems rather strange, but we have no one to introduce us; my name is Bellingham—yours is—?

Mr Bellingham looked graver than he had done while witnessing Ruth's passionate emotion in her mother's room.