[ bel-mont ]


  1. Alva Ert·skin Smith Vanderbilt [urt, -skin], 1853–1933, U.S. women's-rights activist and socialite.
  2. August, 1816–90, U.S. financier, diplomat, and horse-racing enthusiast, born in Germany.
  3. a town in E Massachusetts, near Boston.
  4. a city in W California.

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Example Sentences

France Go de Ina inherited seven times as much speed as he did stamina, a dosage index at a level that goes unrewarded at the Belmont.

Given the state of the edge of the field and the weirdness of the year, few would blink if the Bulldogs get into the barn at 26-4, received the Belmont 2019 treatment and were sent to a play-in game.

Two years later, he was back in Nashville, coaching at Lipscomb, which is two miles from Belmont.

That sort of stability — Ayers is now in his 23d season at Belmont — has been a key to the program’s long-term success.

He went to two NAIA Final Fours, helped the school transition to the NCAA’s Division I in 1996 and reached the NCAA tournament eight times before retiring in the spring of 2019 after winning 805 games — the last 713 at Belmont.

Then I worked my way through college at a mental hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Hayes has stayed in contact with that very girlfriend, Barbara Belmont, and even spoke to her a week ago.

Bettors placed over $9 million on California Chrome, the most wagered on any single horse to win the Belmont Stakes.

At Belmont, jockeys must not let their horse run too hard too early, and conserve some energy for the half-mile-long backstretch.

Finishing the Triple Crown with the Belmont is like concluding a triathlon with a marathon.

The Belmont house was closed, the still restless Helena occupying a palace in Rome at the moment.

An elderly couple lived in the "Belmont House" and did all that was necessary in the present stage of Isabel's fortunes.

In a day or so they organise again, and swoop down on some other place, such as Belmont.

Accordingly he registered at the Hotel Belmont under an alias.

Now, you go up to the rooms I have taken in the Belmont Hotel.