belted kingfisher

  1. a grayish-blue, North American kingfisher, Ceryle alcyon, having a white breast marked with a grayish-blue band.

Origin of belted kingfisher

An Americanism dating back to 1805–15

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How to use belted kingfisher in a sentence

  • Less likely birds that have occurred in Britain are the belted kingfisher and American yellow-billed cuckoo.

    Poachers and Poaching | John Watson
  • There are some birds that cannot sing: the belted kingfisher, for instance; he can only rattle.

    The Spring of the Year | Dallas Lore Sharp
  • The belted kingfisher comes close to the house, where I can watch him fishing as I sit at the window.

  • But he leaves when a belted kingfisher comes screaming along the stream.

    Some Spring Days in Iowa | Frederick John Lazell
  • These birds are chiefly tropical, the belted kingfisher being the only one of the family that is found north of Texas.

    Endurance Test | Alan Douglas