verb (used with object)

to express distress or grief over; lament: to bemoan one's fate.
to regard with regret or disapproval.

Origin of bemoan

before 1000; be- + moan; replacing bemene, Middle English bimenen, Old English bimǣnan (bi- be- + mǣnan to moan)
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Related Words for bemoan

mourn, deplore, regret, lament, bewail, complain, rue

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Contemporary Examples of bemoan

  • They bemoan the fact that poker games are too often delayed because people get up to take smoke breaks.

  • He will then bemoan a vague “lack of political will” or “absence of leadership” as the reason for the inertia.

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    The GOP vs. Democracy

    Michael Tomasky

    June 24, 2011

  • But some bemoan the way the kids have transformed their city, and nowhere is that change more visible than The Bywater.

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    Yale Crusaders Invade New Orleans

    Nicole LaPorte

    August 21, 2010

  • Not to mention the fragrant Ms. Hasselbeck bemoan the fact that we now live in the "divided states of America."

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    Obama's Televised Turn-Off

    Tunku Varadarajan

    July 29, 2010

  • I just heard Anderson Cooper bemoan the fact that he had seen no heavy earth moving equipment on the scene.

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    Inside Haiti's Horror

    The Daily Beast

    January 13, 2010

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British Dictionary definitions for bemoan



to grieve over (a loss, etc); mourn; lament (esp in the phrase bemoan one's fate)

Word Origin for bemoan

Old English bemǣnan; see be-, moan
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Word Origin and History for bemoan

Old English bemænan "to bemoan, wail, lament;" see be- + moan (v.). Related: Bemoaned; bemoaning.

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