[ bih-nig-nuhnt ]
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  1. kind, especially to inferiors; gracious: a benignant sovereign.

  2. exerting a good influence; beneficial: the benignant authority of the new president.

  1. Pathology. benign.

Origin of benignant

1775–85; benign + -ant, modeled on malignant

Other words for benignant

Other words from benignant

  • be·nig·nan·cy [bih-nig-nuhn-see], /bɪˈnɪg nən si/, noun
  • be·nig·nant·ly, adverb
  • un·be·nig·nant, adjective
  • un·be·nig·nant·ly, adverb

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How to use benignant in a sentence

  • This stubborn resistance lent all the more lustre to the piety of our benignant Rulers.

  • They certainly were attractive specimens of their race, and the Quaker miller who offered them had a most benignant countenance.

    Dorothy at Skyrie | Evelyn Raymond
  • He had a loose hairy benignant face with a humorous but penetrating eye and the usual domelike brow.

    Ancestors | Gertrude Atherton
  • With the sun was associated a supreme power that presided over the universe, benignant and eternal.

  • As she stood there in the doorway, lamp in hand, she looked like a benignant mother waiting to greet a returning child.

    Country Neighbors | Alice Brown

British Dictionary definitions for benignant


/ (bɪˈnɪɡnənt) /

  1. kind; gracious, as a king to his subjects

  2. a less common word for benign (def. 3), benign (def. 4)

Derived forms of benignant

  • benignancy, noun
  • benignantly, adverb

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