/ ˈbɛnsən /


  1. BensonE(dward) F(rederic).18671940MBritishWRITING: novelist E ( dward ) F ( rederic ). 1867–1940, British writer, noted esp for a series of comic novels featuring the characters Mapp and Lucia
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Example Sentences

Benson concluded, “If we are not willing to hire such faculty, they are not willing to fund us.”

Benson also predicted entering into an agreement with the foundation carried some risk.

“I guess I am trying to say that this is not an effort to transform the whole department or our curriculum,” Benson wrote.

One of the most impressive achievements, says University of Chicago mathematician Benson Farb, is that she linked these findings.

One of the big draws, for me, was the Benson/Stabler relationship.

Benson, go right down to the Pennsylvania, and get the stateroom that is reserved for Alfred Stevens.

At his death, Benson became the possessor of his few books, his few surgical instruments and some curious preparations.

At the crest of the ridge, Benson stopped for an instant, glancing first at his wrist-watch and then back over his shoulder.

She had the peculiarly young-old look of the spinster teachers with whom Benson had worked before going to the war.

Gregory's voice again; Benson saw the speaker; short, stocky, gray-haired, stubborn lines about the mouth.