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[ bih-reevd ]


  1. (of a person) greatly saddened at being deprived by death of a loved one.


  1. Usually the bereaved. a bereaved person or persons:

    to extend condolences to the bereaved.


/ bɪˈriːvd /


  1. having been deprived of something or someone valued, esp through death

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Other Words From

  • un·be·reaved adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of bereaved1

First recorded in 1100–50; Middle English bireved, late Old English birēafod (past participle); bereave, -ed 2
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Example Sentences

The deputy mayor conceded that after a morning visit to the bereaved, Randrianasolo and MBG’s Chris Birkinshaw could speak in the afternoon with anyone wishing to gather at the roofed marketplace.

On roads outside overflowing hospitals, desperate people await beds for relatives dying in their arms, and the bereaved break down.

From Vox

Indeed, Cosway is credited with reviving the bereaved statesman after the deaths of his daughter and his wife.

From Ozy

Doughty doesn’t just want to keep the bereaved from getting ripped off, as Mitford set out to do.

If the only way to get that information is from the bereaved family, you and your colleagues should nominate one person who can handle the situation with diplomacy and empathy.

This is an excellent book for the bereaved and for the un-bereaved who walk beside them.

These short daily devotions help the bereaved feel less alone.

Bereaved mothers report overwhelmingly that they feel alone and unable to share their feelings of loss.

Giffords and bereaved parents, moving as they are, can't do that work.

And while the bereaved person may wish to be dead, the depressed person may attempt suicide, and some succeed.

Yet will not the heart be bereaved of its vision; it still sees a smile of tenderness in the universe.

This occurred in July, 1854, and the troubles of the bereaved family did not end here.

Desmarets, bereaved, sold his place to Martin Falleix's brother and left Paris in despair.

Moselekatse is a lion; he conquered nations, he robbed the strong ones, he bereaved mothers, he took away the son of Kheri.

Manga Colorada, bereaved and with blackened face, lay in wait for the first step of the emigrants outside of their city of refuge.